Flow of Forms / Forms of Flow

Design Histories between Africa and Europe, Design 37

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ISBN/EAN: 9783837642018
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2018
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Situating design histories globally means not only to interpret design as a practice that can be found everywhere but also to take a critical stance towards simple dichotomies such as traditional/modern, artisanal/industrial, and formal/informal. In front of the backdrop of the global turn in art and design studies this volume focuses on design and design practices in Africa. It shows that creations of forms are results of an exchange not only between Africa and Europe but also between everyday and established, institutionalized artistic fundamentals or flows. Thus, the contributors trace multi-faceted design histories: from a historical perspective, with attention to the present, and towards possible futures.


Kerstin Pinther is professor for African Art History at the art history department of Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany. Her research focuses on contemporary art, architecture, urbanism and design in Africa and its diaspora. Her most recent publication looked at "New Spaces for Negotiating Art (and) Histories in Africa". As a curator, she organized the exhibition "Afropolis. City, Media, Art" (2010-2012). Alexandra Weigand is a designer and art historian, who works interdisciplinarily as a curator, lecturer and researcher. Her exhibition projects include "Hit the Future_Design beyond the Borders" and "Hit the Future_Metropolitan Design" for Munich's design weeks in 2014 und 2015. She is currently a senior researcher at the art history department of Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany, with a focus on design and urbanism in Africa.